Little Elephant Wood Fibre Sculpture


Beautiful, minimalist sculpture for interior decoration with a very natural and warm look.
Available in three different sizes.


19,00 39,00 


Little Elephant Wood Fibre Sculpture


Minimalistic, low-poly sculpture for home decoration.
Made out of 100% biodegradable filament & wood fibres.



Physical sculpture



S: 120mm * 90mm * 70mm

M: 140mm * 108mm * 85mm

L:  160mm * 130mm * 100mm


NOT FOR RESALE OR DISTRIBUTION – FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. The purchaser and/ or recipient agrees not to manufacture, sell, deal in or otherwise use or appropriate this artwork in any way whatsoever, including but not limited to adaption, imitation, redesigning, altering or selling any design in digital or physical form. PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations for digital file downloads.

Additional information

Sizes: S, M, L

L – large, M – medium, S – small


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